The most successful baits for carp

Flavours for carp: Best catchability baits for carp and carp flavours for carp fishing in the spring and summer

Fishing for carp is a favorite pastime of many people. Every kabatnik wonders how to improve the bite? To bite was better ones use special flavors and smells called flavors for carp, others are seeking new waters and fishing places. So what are the flavors and smells of the fisherman can be used successfully to attract this capricious and versed in eating fish? What flavors for carp are the best? In this article we will talk about using carp flavors in the fall, spring and summer.

Flavours for carp

Any bait or bait for carp fishing is good, but there is a question about adding flavorings. In addition to food flavorings can and should use special fishing attractants that are sold in all fishing stores. Without them professional carpatica and lovers already can not do not submit their fishing.

So what are the flavours for carp?

What is the attractant? Answer: this is skunk, the aroma is the smell, the flavour for carp. Sometimes called a booster , usually in the liquid state. In a powder state is used less frequently. Add attractant need to bait for carp. However, many carpatica fishermen soaked boilies or corn in the flavor. And the dips add to the groundbait.

In short: the difference between flavors, boosters, oil, liquid, dips, sprays and attractants is quite conditional. Some to sprinkle on the hook, the bait for carp – in his own way. Well, it’s good to have the angler the opportunity to influence the biting of a carp with some of his method. But still, I divided these supplements use:


  • Sprays and dips are used directly for bait for carp;
  • Booster, flavor, oil for bait for carp;
  • The attractant and the liquid – often used at the stage of manufacture of boilies for carp or paste;

The use of flavoring for carp

This division is conditional. Carpatica often do not follow the instructions, and my own experience and inner gut. Many people use not only different aromas and their concentration and additives of all sorts of mixes — combine multiple flavors into one.

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You need to understand that there is no universal super aroma for carp or dip, which will be valid everywhere and at any time of the year. For specific dates, specific and concrete pond fish need to pick up your “key” in the form of a specific fragrance. Today on counters of shops the variety of odours among attractants for carp just can not help but surprise. Sometimes the smell of carp is not always even enjoyable to the person, and sometimes even exotic.

If the angler catches the same pond and picked up the smell of your work, it bezuslovno will increase the effectiveness of the bait and the nozzle by about a quarter. Today the choice of producers of attractants (baits and baits) is huge and you can for a lower price to pick up a dip, attractant, etc. is not worse than its expensive counterpart.

Let’s try to understand the modern odors for carp fishing and allow the main “people” i.e. the “carp” flavors.

SO, the best flavours for carp

Vanilla is one of the main flavors (additives) for carp, bream, IDE, roach and roach. Vanilla is considered to be the typical summer scent, and use from spring to winter. The effectiveness of the smell of vanilla as flavoring for carp based on the pleasant aroma, especially for the angler and carp. The smell, according to many fishermen simply can not like carp.

Vanillin or vanilla Saharsa happy to add to the groundbait. Vanilla in the form of a drop and of spray sprinkle on the nozzle, and soak it in vanilla dips. Currently, the stores got vanilla flavours on a base of vanilla. pineapple+vanilla strawberry+vanilla, honey+vanilla and others. This Supplement is very popular among anglers kabatnikova. This miracle of smell may not always increase the effectiveness of the bait or the nozzle, especially when a large pressure from the fishermen, when on a small area of the pond gathered a large group of hunters for carp.

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The group of fruit flavors as a flavoring for carp

The main fruit flavours for carp include: peach, pineapple, strawberry, banana, plum, tutti-Frutti, and all sorts of mixes in between. Mixing of the above flavours for carp fishing between them, you can get more interesting smell, which will be effective when fishing for carp.

Honey also can be safely attributed to the main line of aromas for carp in warm water. Boilies and bait with the smell of honey you can use all year round, both separately and in combination with other flavours for carp and carp.

Caramel as a flavoring for carp is used less frequently than honey. However, it is not uncommon caramel shows very good performance in the spring. Caramel is often used for flavoring tips for carp fishing.

Use for carp and cannabis seeds and extracts. For many anglers this fragrance for carp fishing main in the bait and the nozzle.

Garlic works perfectly for carp when mixed with other sweet smells. Fantasize health! Garlic + a banana? – please; Garlic + peaches + vanilla, is also a very effektno. Watch the reaction of carp in a specific pond at a specific scent. Draw conclusions and use.

It’s certainly not all fragrances that use carpatice when fishing for carp. However, this basis. If You are going to use these flavors for carp, you will easily be able greatly increase the chances of catching carp in spring and summer.

Now let’s talk about late autumn. Odors for carp in cold water (temperatures less than 10 degrees)

Fishing for carp in autumn and winter widespread in the West. In Russia the standard “summer” gear is possible only in the southern regions of the country.

For carp fishing in cold water it is better to use the following flavors:

the flavor of shrimp;
the flavor of the crab;
— flavor shells, garlic and hemp.

Late autumn and winter should be careful to use the flavorings. When cold water is better not to report than to shift the extra smell.

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Flavours bait for carp

For the smell use different flavors according to their taste and a pronounced smell of bait can be divided into two categories – a sweet fruity and spicy compositions. Sweet bait. They usually add fruit toppings: cacao, cinnamon, vanilla, honey, anise, mint.

The fruit flavors are obtained by adding to the bait biscuits, vanilla biscuits, vanilla halva, cut marmalade, fruit cereal, a couple of sachets of strawberry-raspberry tea, fruit crushed boilies. To spicy flavors need to use: garlic, dill, sunflower seeds or hemp.

With cold water carp is actively seeking protein foods to prepare for hibernation. To attract carpa in the cold season you need to bait to add fish oil, mashed canned fish in oil, cooked shrimp and fish meal. Many anglers experienced even add cat or dog food.

To bait “the air with dust” at the bottom, creating an attractive fragrant cloud of Muti, in it add dry milk, bread crumbs or broken biscuits. To bait well disintegrated on the bottom, sometimes before casting add the citric acid and baking soda.

Currently in the Internet many foreign articles about fishing for carp, which have been translated into Russian language. This information is relevant and fresh. If you are looking for new ways to learn carp fishing and want to move further and further away — use all these best practices in their fishing, use the experience of leading carpatica Europe and the world. If you want to learn how to effectively catch a carp, as described above, odour is enough!

Find a couple of good fragrances or mixtures of them and use. It often happens that after busting many new smells and mixtures angler still returned to their old proven smells and flavors. Old stinky okazyvayut jabalee effective compared to new.

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