The ways to catch catfish on Kwok, a ground rod, live bait, spinning, zakidushku, float

Fishing for catfish on Kwok, the oldest and the most effective way to catch this river giant. Besides, Quoc can attract only him and no other fish species will not interfere. The best time for this kind of fishing is from late may to mid-September.

What is Kwok

Kwok is a curved stick with a flat snout at the end. Before Kwok was only wooden, but now this device is for hunting catfish made from the most modern materials, often made of aluminum. Tools of this material are durable and resistant to moisture.


Long catfish on Kwok caught the simplest gear, to make them used a thick fishing line or rope with a hook and sinker on the end. All this simple device was wound on the reel. Many don’t change this way until now, modern fishermen are caught in a powerful spinning rod, type Crocodile, using it is much easier to draw out the caught fish.

Fishing technique

Catch Kwok have a drifting boat. After selecting a suitable location, in the water drops the tackle with the bait. In one hand the fishers-soratniki hold the rod, and the second strikes with the help of Kwok. After 5-6 blows with Kwok should pause, as often the sound may startle a predator.

Donka for catfish

Catfish caught on common ground, through this view you can embrace more space and to determine directly the site of his feeding.

Collect the Donk

All tools are donkey very simple, all we need is a solid rod, powerful reel, a thick fishing line or braided line, a sinker, and leash hook. Sinker is better to put the moving, the cutting will be more soft and will not spook the prey. The leash is better to make monofilament line length of 50 cm, this will minimize the number of idle bites.

Fishing technique

The Donk can be used both from a boat and from the shore.

The main advantages of the fishing ground from the boat’s proximity to the place of fishing, using a shorter gear and a fairly accurate presentation of the lure. Night boat to catfish tackle better not be catching you may experience problems playing a fish because of the awkward position of the fisherman.

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When fishing for catfish by ground from the shore immediately is to identify the most promising places, it is here that the angler need to spend much time. Scoring of the rod, they must be securely installed on the stand, and fraktsion coils a bit to let go. The bite is clearly seen on the rod tip, which is better to fasten bells, and at night to put Firefly. In the daytime, you should consider where it would be better to draw out fish.

Catch catfish on live bait

Fishing for catfish on live bait is very fascinating and interesting, because here you can compete against the highest representatives of this type, so the tackle must be very strong and reliable.

Choose live bait

As claimed by experienced salatniki, live bait is best to catch himself, and in the pond, where they plan to catch and soma, purchase fish river giant almost non-responsive. The size of the bait depends on the fish you want to catch. Catfish usually eight times the size of the bait, but novice anglers always suggest to start with minimum amounts of bait.

If you do decide to fish large live bait, then be patient, large bait catfish bite is rare.

How to plant the bait on the hook?

Ways of mounting the bait on the hook a few, let’s look at them in detail:

1. At the minimum for a single hook or tee is inserted near the dorsal fin so as not to damage the backbone of the fish, then it will remain active.

2. On for live bait cling to the same hooks over the lip, while his movements remain natural.

3. This method will allow you to preserve your bait and almost not to injure him, threading the leash through the Gill openings and taking it through the mouth of the fish and then hook tee.

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4. Also, with minimal injuries, you can secure the hook on the fish with an ordinary clip for bills. Just tightly wrap it near the tail fins and gently secure it under the hook.

Then you just serve soma live bait and waiting for a bite.

The secrets of catching catfish on spinning

The spinning caught a small catfish up to five pounds on a fairly large artificial bait.

Tackle box

For spinning is presented to som is more suitable powerful plug rod three meters long with test of 60-100g, to take more powerful is not necessary, it will be pretty hard to throw. A lesser test will increase the risk of loss of the trophy. The coil needs to withstand the sudden jerks and to have the maximum possible number of bearings. Instead of fishing line is best to use a braided cord of thickness up to 2.1 mm. the Hooks should be large and sharp, it is not necessary to take out hardened they can easily break when playing a fish.


Fishing for catfish on spinning is such baits lures 5 cm long; large silicone frog and Twister of not less than 9cm; spoons and turntables weighing 13 g; bait in the form of a mouse.

Rarely use foam fish soaked in blood or a special flavour for the catfish, such as “Blow”.


Wiring is slowly, at 20 cm from the bottom, the game any bait sluggish. Baubles-kolebalki is a little waddling periodically with pauses, during which she plans freely in the water column, but does not touch the bottom.

The bite can be easily confused with the hook if the fishing line from the reel continues to roll, so you have to hook a catfish.

Zakidushka for catfish

The main feature of the snap-on catfish are high-quality components, such as wartlike and fasteners, their rupture shall not be less than 50 kg.

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Snap-zakidushki can easily be done yourself, for that of the plank of medium size make one. And then it is wound up to sixty meters of fishing line with a diameter of 0.6 mm. At the end of the fishing line attached deaf or sliding sinker weighing at least 100g. Just above the sinkers, through the swivel, attached the leash, long up to 70 cm, and then the hook 8/0 at least, and preferably with serifs.


Fishing for catfish on zakidushku provides feeding him at the beginning of fishing. Here is will work pieces of meat, liver, animal entrails, singed the carcass of a bird.

Float tackle for catfish

Such giant, as catfish can be caught on float tackle. That’s just the tooling you need tight!

Float rigging for catfish

The choice of rods, reels, line, leads and hooks are identical to the previous tool. Go straight to the float.

For som snap-fit fixed or sliding float. Fixed float use at depths up to two meters, and its weight shall not be less than 10g. Sliding is right to depths of three meters and more.

The way of fishing

First you need to choose a suitable place for fishing, it should be near the wells or krasnica. The most successful fishing for catfish on the float usually at dusk, it is also possible to bite in the night. The bait to use are various, then the chances to catch catfish to increase significantly. Frogs, worms-Nightcrawlers, the guts and the cricket is perfect for you.

The cast is made so that the bait lay just near the pit, a little upstream. Eyes float it is better not to settle, and during strong tension fishing line better run, otherwise you can remain not only without equipment, and without the rod.

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