What bait is better

Homemade spinners and other fishing lures made by fishermen themselves in demand, along with the factory, but what lure is better one or the other, that is the question. And now more. Many at this time, there are movies and TV shows about fishing, which show a different brand of spinning lures and how they perfectly caught fish. Shootings occur at these ponds, where the fish is caught well almost all, to put it conditionally on a bare hook or even a tree leaf instead of a spinner. In Fact, such reservoirs there, where I managed to go fishing once in Kazakhstan, the second in the Tomsk region, in such waters the fish like a weed, she’s there like a teeming. From fellow fishermen heard many such ponds in the North of Russia, where the pike is caught on chicken gut or filter cigarette. And in essence these movies is, and only.

Rarely in any movie about fishing, not praising bait or tackle and is not present emphasis on the name of the manufacturers of fishing products or a trading house. Manufacturers of fishing lures great attention to attracting customers beautiful lures. Only an experienced fisherman can choose among the thousands of lures, the most efficient, and novice anglers dazzled and they want to take everything, especially after watching such films. The answer to the question, what lures spinning better suggests itself.

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