What tips prefers large bream

Many fishermen caught their first bream on a piece of bread or maggots. But, if you want to catch really big fish, you have to use a more dense packing (so say the fishers-experts). In this article, we will discuss working effectively bream bait.

Among fishermen, a survey was conducted, on what bait they catch big bream. According to many of them, the best bait is a worm. Maggots steadily take the second place, although for a draught of captured specimens maggots unlikely to be fit. On the third line of a rating there is the steamed peas, but in the fourth place different types of corn heads.

The ranking of the best tips for catching trophy bream

Worms — the best assistants in fishing

There is no doubt that for large bream the most delicious food are worms of various types. The fact that bream is a fish very playful and would not mind to play with the bait. In addition, the worm is his usual food, so will not cause any concerns.

As bait, see the hook a bundle of worms – this will work well both in summer and in the cold, and the region is irrelevant. Night bream fishing on the bottom fishing in the rivers over better as bait, use Nightcrawlers is a large manure worms. Little worms (podlistnikov) it is better not to use – they will break when putting on the hook.

Catch on maggots

It is almost one hundred percent working the bait that respects large bream. Maggots at different stages of development attract and entice the fish to bite. Particularly well this lure works in the spring when natural forage in ponds is not very much. Just attach the hook-a bunch of maggots, and boldly throw tackle in the water.

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Anglers from European countries say about the effectiveness of sandwich out of maggot and caster. The fact that fish is much easier to swallow a bait, as it is more buoyant. To achieve buoyancy of the larvae can and artisanal, pumped the nozzle of a conventional syringe.

Pea green and not very

Peas – bait kind of picky, but effectively working, especially if you have it steamed before use. The fact is that not everyone turns to prepare the component, so he is well behaved on the hook, but not falling apart. But the grain should not be hard, otherwise you simply do not fit. In addition to steamed peas you can take young peas from the jar.

In the world wide web there are many materials on the proper preparation of the lure of peas, after reading that you will learn a lot.

Corn in various forms

As attachments can be used as a hard corn, and canned. Try to plant the hook three cucuruzeni, and immediately see the result. Key word – three (not one, not two). This dog is very loved not only the skimmers but trophy fish.

Some fishermen baited with maize on the hair, at the same time, beans should be three pieces.


They have proved their effectiveness as bait for catching larger fish. In Europe for a long time there they (boilies) microverse with the diameter up to 10mm, however, in our country, they are expensive. Thank God you can make them yourself!

But in fact, each fisherman has their favorite tips, which he is confident and will not abandon them for anything in life. Sometimes we hear about very exotic baits. For example, there is a theory that the fish just baldeet from the usual cat food. Which of these versions to use, only you can decide.

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