Winter blesnenii “A-Elita” the best of all

There are different schools winter blesneniya and the corresponding tackle. It so happened that I started to practice fishing blesneniem, with a simple inertial reels. In the lung “okuniew” version of the coil is usually with the spinning one. These rods are a bit heavier than “deaf” besnilian, but allow you to quickly change the working descent for harvest throughout the water column that fishing for perch is very important. With the bite of a large predator (walleye or pike) you can quickly pass a few meters of fishing line — it increases the chances of a fight. For long-term practice of winter fishing through my hands have passed many such blesneniem.

And even the most successful models had some flaws — most coil was small, which line had the form of a spiral, and to pull it had for a long time. There were options with the large “thick” coil, but they weighed accordingly to its size. Brake many models quickly failed. Often, the coil had just a few notches for “tooth” of the brake, and when the latter was in an intermediate position (between the notches), with the cutting reel handed fishing line and the fish swam with impunity. All deficiencies list does not make sense… However, the price of most models was “penny”. Artisanal options, on the contrary, was very expensive, not to say to the lungs, and also had many disadvantages.

To wait for from world famous firms-manufacturers of the emergence of new Ugolnikov no sense, it was too small for them. So a few years ago I was pleasantly surprised by the domestic model spinning, the development of TD “Apiko-fish”, produced by “Tica”. In the price it exceeded a fishing rod, but immediately had the authority “Okoneshnikov”. Everything about her was perfect: the coil of sufficiently large diameter (but not wide), a reliable brake, instantly locking the spool in any position, convenient brake button that is sensitive retractable whip with the loading ring in the middle…

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And while the weight was much less than many models. Already in the store, if you take up this blissninny immediately clear that this is not “consumer goods” and the product for truly passionate anglers. Of course, this is purely perches tackle, not designed for fishing large predators. Its use makes sense when the fish requires thin gear (a relatively small diameter fishing line and light baits) or when the angler wants to get aesthetic pleasure from catching even a small perch. These requirements often coincide, but if I, for example, somewhere on the Volga I get on the “distribution” is not even small perch, when a thin rope and is not required, you often get the spinningA-Elita“to feel the hand of the play of the lure, the most cautious bite of fish and then get incomparable pleasure from playing each instance on a thin fishing line.

Also besmettelijke who prefer the “balalaika” udilnika with handle, highly rated “A-elite”. Especially those who catches bream on “the devil” or is fishing in deep pits where the fish can stand in different horizons and requires a constant search vertical. For karmyshakov rod is equipped with a second, softer dirty pole. Designing your own gear is a thankless task. Very soon there willing to take advantage of someone else’s work and copy good design. Most often it is a purely external copy, and the quality of the items leaves much to be desired. Corresponds to the quality value was intended to bring down the price and make the production of original products unprofitable. Unfortunately, not escaped the fate of our up and spinning. Its various “clones” are not uncommon on the fishing market. And I would not like to this small publication became the epitaph for a wonderful winter blesneniya “A-Elita”.

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