How to choose a budget carp rod: types, rating of fishing rods

Today, carp fishing with sport rods has become available to many fishermen. Older springs have already supplanted carbon rods with hair mounts. Along with elite rigs in stores, you can find budget forms, which also allow you to successfully fish. At the same time, Chinese products are no exception. Now famous fishing companies are actively producing inexpensive budget rods for beginners in carp fishing.

General requirements for carp rods

The main requirement for a carp fishing rod is high strength. The rod is obliged to cope with throwing heavy tackle and fishing for trophy specimens. Carp fishing rod differs from other models by the presence of a double handle. The first is in front simultaneously with the reel seat, the second is installed on the butt. This constructive solution is due to the special technique of ultra-long casting, in this case the front handle is the support, and the entire load falls on the butt.

Naturally, the guide rings of the carp are equipped with powerful support legs and are large. Especially the first ring, this way you can avoid line overlap when casting.

Carp fishing rods can be made according to the “telescope” principle. However, prefabricated blanks with a plug-in design are considered the best choice due to their reliability and high performance. Most often, budget carp fishing rods are made of fiberglass. This material allows you to provide sufficient strength and elasticity of the rod, both when casting the bait and while fishing.

Attention! When purchasing budget plug carp rods, you need to pay great attention to the material for making the rings. Ceramic ones have very fast wear and after the appearance of “cuts” they simply “kill” the braided cord or fishing line. At the same time, the repair of the rings is very problematic, since they have a “cast” version of the fastener. Unlike telescopes, you will need to spend money on repairs.

Types of carp rods

According to their classification, working carp are divided into three types:

  1. Heavy fishing rods are the most reliable and expensive due to the use of high quality materials and modern manufacturing technologies. They are chosen for carp fishing in strong currents and for areas of water bodies where gear snags often occur. Differ in casting from 3.5 libres.
  2. Medium rods have a casting of 3.25-3.5 libra and are designed for fishing in almost any conditions. In particular, on small rivers. These rods can cast the tackle approximately 120 m.
  3. Lightweight carp rods are used for fishing in small bodies of water with a clean or slightly overgrown bottom. Their casting ranges from 2.25 to 3.5 libra. The maximum load they can throw is 125 grams.
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In addition to the working poles used for carp fishing itself, there are also markers and spods. Markers are necessary to determine the depth, bottom topography, with the help of them, you can find out the perspective areas of the carp parking. The main difference between marker rods and carp fishing rods is in their sensitivity, since the rod must transmit vibrations well to the hand when dragging the marker weight along the bottom surface. The length of the marker can vary in the aisles of 3.3-3.9 m, casting – up to 4 libres.

Spodes are used to deliver the bait mixture to the fishing area using “rockets”. These are powerful rods with casting over 3.5 libra.
By and large, even novice fishermen need to buy at least a few budget working rods and one marker and one spod each for proper carp fishing.

Choosing the length of the carp rod

Since the founders of carp fishing are the British, the length of fishing rods is usually determined in feet. The standard sizes of carp rods are 12-13 ft. Of course, the longer the stick, the farther you can cast. But in carp fishing, the length of the rod is chosen taking into account the height of the fisherman.

Carp anglers with a height of up to 180 cm are advised to rods with a length of 3.6 meters. Anglers who are taller will be more comfortable working with 3.9 m sticks. This proportion is valid for any class of fishing rods.

Casting is also determined by the English system and is usually indicated in pounds. This parameter determines the weight of the weight that can bend the whip at a right angle and characterizes the rigidity of the fishing rod.
How do you know the maximum weight of the rig that the rod can throw? Especially for this, the British have developed a formula: casting carp + 1 = tackle weight in ounces. For example, 3.25 + 1 = 4.25 oz (119 grams). By and large, there is nothing complicated, if you do not forget that an ounce is equal to 28 g.

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TOP 10 inexpensive carp rods

The TOP-10 contains the best budget carp fishing rods, taking into account the price-quality ratio. The rating was created for beginner carp anglers who are not used to paying more money, and in some cases ordinary fishermen simply do not have this opportunity. Therefore, first of all, you can take a closer look at these carp sticks:

  1. Dive Windcast Carp – the rod has excellent performance in terms of casting range and accuracy, belongs to the budget class of carp fish. Price – from $ 115.
  2. Dive Black Widow Carp – one of the best combinations of cost and quality of fishing rods. Has a high margin of safety and test up to 3.75 libres. All parameters make it easy to use the rod for ultra-long casts. Price – from $ 50.
  3. The Jackson Cantara Carp is a budget class rod that consists of three legs. By using composites during fabrication, Jackson was able to make a high-end product at an affordable cost. Price – from $ 26.
  4. Fox Warrior is a line of carp rods in the mid price range. The line is very extensive and includes markers and spods. Price – from $ 130.
  5. Salmo Taifun Tele CARP 3.3 is the best carp telescope, it has a universal tuning. Due to the use of carbon during manufacture, the fishing rod turned out to be quite light, about 310 g. At the same time, it perfectly lends itself to balancing due to the correct choice of the reel. Price – from $ 16.
  6. Salmo Diamond CARP 3PCS 3.6 m – the Baltic company Salmo pleased anglers with an excellent model for carp fishing with a rod of three sections. The cost of this blank is very low and affordable for any newbie to carp fishing. Price – from $ 18.
  7. Shimano VENGEANCE Carp AX. A rod for carp fishing, where the most modern technologies are applied in the production of blanks. The “Geofibre” fibers at the base of this rod allow it to bend to a very large angle without stick breakage. Tall rings with a large diameter on this model are on two legs, this adds to the design of the rod more strength when used. Price – from $ 32.
  8. Kaida Tele Big Fish Carp. One of the most popular blanks among beginner carp anglers. This telescope is made of durable carbon fiber, due to this, it shows an excellent combination of sensitivity and power. The blank is characterized by a huge test range, which is in the region of 60-120 grams, this makes it possible to perform ultra-long casting of rigs of various weights, regardless of the chosen reservoir and fishing conditions. Price – from $ 16.
  9. Volzhanka Sazan – a lineup of fishing rods from a popular Russian manufacturer. Great for coastal fishing with heavy weights and springs. The rod is very easy to transport as it consists of three parts. Price – from $ 40.
  10. The Mikado Amberlite Medium Carp is a Mikado rod that attracts carp anglers for its value. The blank is very powerful, has a large margin of safety and a sensitive whip. During manufacturing, only high-quality composite materials are used. Price – from $ 16.
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Tips from experienced carp anglers

At the beginning of the path of mastering carp fishing, you do not need to purchase a hard blank with a lot of casting. It is advisable to pay attention to the universal version in the 3-gauge version.

Regarding the cost, recommending something is thankless. The carp angler must determine for himself the most suitable budget form for him, taking into account the value for money.

It is only necessary to say that today many Chinese companies manufacture quite high-quality carp rods, which practically correspond to the characteristics described in the technical plan. The low-cost segment of European manufacturers will probably come out a little more expensive. But on the other hand, there will be an emblem of a cool brand on the carp.

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