Catching Crucian Carp in October – Tips and Secrets

Crucian carp is not at all the target fish of October fishing, it really loves the summer heat, and the biting season usually closes somewhere in September (at the beginning, middle or end – it directly depends on the weather). But if you really want a tasty carp, and not a store carp, nothing will prevent you from at least trying to catch it, because with the right approach, the successful completion of this event is quite real. Of course, you will have to spend much more time and effort than in the summer. Crucian carp has already moved to winter apartments and is extremely reluctant and rarely gets out of them. But he still needs to eat, because the hibernation time has not yet come, and it is quite possible to tempt him with something tasty if it is right under his nose.

Fishing location and weather

The October crucian carp is completely ready for winter, and its promising places differ from summer ones – no longer in the shallow water of a small reservoir, but in a rather large reservoir, and even flowing and well overgrown with vegetation, in deep places like pits, dams, dams. Of the tackle, a donka (picker, feeder) or half-donka is used. The activity time of the crucian carp also changes, it becomes more active by about noon (plus or minus a couple of hours, depending on the temperature – warm – early, cold – later) and ends at four in the evening.

As a lover of the sun, the crucian carp does not remain indifferent to it in October, and the likelihood of its bite on a sunny day increases, and if the water also ripples from the breeze, then it is quite possible that the inflamed crucian carp will get closer to the shore.

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Bait and groundbait

Groundbait is strictly required, only with the dosage you need to be careful not to overdo it. Most often they are fed only once – at the very beginning, with pearl barley, bloodworms, used bait or store lure, mixing with local sand (not earth).

The maximum number is five or six cobbled balls of four centimeters in diameter. The main bait is regularity, and if you plan to visit this place tomorrow, then it will not be superfluous to throw a couple of handfuls of complementary foods into the water before leaving.

The bait is a bloodworm, collected in a voluminous bunch, even better – for a bloodworm sandwich with maggot.

Tackle selection

The rod should be light, five to seven meters long, with a light and sensitive float weighing a couple of grams, like a goose feather, a hook with a short forend (there won’t be a worm) and a sting slightly bent inward, the size of the hook is from the third to seventh (crucian carp with a high probability will not be small), the line is the most inconspicuous, no more than two tenths of a millimeter thick. If there is a boat, then the rod needs to be taken shorter – no more than three meters, and some of them even manage to effectively use winter fishing rods with jigs such as a shot or an ant with the obligatory addition of a bloodworm. The echo sounder will not be superfluous, and it is he who will accurately show the location of the crucian carp flock, the main thing is not to scare away the found flock with noise or shadow from the boat if the day is sunny.

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Crucian carp in October is much more valuable prey than the same crucian carp, only caught in summer. And if you do everything right, then the crucian carp in the bucket will not be alone, and sooner or later the rest of its neighbors in the flock will join it. The main thing is to find this flock and not scare away with joy that it was found.

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