DIY pike fishing set

Most of the modern fishing tackle is a near perfect fishing tackle made with innovative materials. Their acquisition will require a lot of spending, therefore, “old-fashioned” methods of fishing are more popular among ordinary fishermen, for example, using a supply. What kind of tackle it is and how to catch it, you can find out from this article.

The post is a relatively simple tackle, the history of which is several hundred years. They make it from scrap materials, and it only takes a few minutes to create it. This bait fishing tackle is effective for pike, which hunt in snug or algae overgrown areas where it can be very costly to lose an expensive spinner.

How does the delivery work?

By its design, the post is similar to the girdle, however, it has a much simpler design. Zherlitsa notifies the fisherman about the bite with a flag. The delivery does not inform about the catch in any way, and the fish is hooked by itself. The fisherman only needs to know how to determine the moment when the predator attacks the live bait in order to pull out the pike.

You can only fish with live bait for delivery, so when going fishing, you should take care of buying or catching it. On the river, the tackle is unwound, and the bait is mounted on a tee and thrown into the river or lake. The tackle is fixed on the bank with a thick branch or stick driven into the ground. You can use the supply for fishing in warm weather or in winter.

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Using admission

An admission is called a thick line, thrown to the other side of the river, which has several leads of the required length. It can be placed both across, and along the stream, and the location is marked with a buoy with a flag. You can also successfully catch pike, burbot or pike perch on the approach, but you should put leashes made of steel wire, otherwise the predator will simply bite it and swim away with the bait. For efficiency, you can attach a different bait to each leash.

How to make a delivery

For the manufacture of this tackle, the most common materials that are available in every home are taken. As a rule, it is made from the following parts:

  • wooden stick;
  • a piece of hose;
  • rigging (fishing line, hooks, sinkers).

From the tool you need to prepare an awl and a sharp knife.

The manufacturing process is carried out in the following order. The hose is pierced from one end with an awl, so that there are two holes opposite each other. On the other side, a section of the hose is cut several centimeters along its length.
A fishing line is inserted into the holes, which is securely fixed and wound around the middle of the hose. A leash is attached to the other end of the line, on which there is already a swivel and a hook. To prevent tangling and unwinding of the fishing line, it is threaded into the slot made in the hose. In this form, the tackle is easy to transport or carry.
On the main line, you need to fix a sliding sinker with a mass sufficient for long-distance casting. Then the supply can be used.

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Before throwing the load into the pond, it is necessary to insert a stick into the hose of a sufficient size and tie it with wire so that it does not accidentally fly off. Then a place is chosen where the bait will be located. In conclusion, live bait clings to the hook, and the load is thrown into the reservoir.

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