Fishing for crucian carp in April – Fishing secrets

As soon as the spring sun begins to warm the shallow water, it’s time to prepare tackle for the brilliant inhabitants of the underwater world – crucian carp. The best time for crucian carp fishing is the second half of April. This is such an exciting activity that inveterate anglers try to use every opportunity in order not to miss the moment and catch fish to their fullest.

We have two types of these freshwater: gold and silver carp, which received such names for a kind of metallic shimmer (shade) of the scales. And if the goldfish is a frequent prey, then its “golden” brother is caught on the hook much less often.

The reason for this lies, in particular, in the peculiarities of the reproduction of species: during spawning, the golden representative of the ichthyofauna needs only a representative of its species, while the silver one is not so selective and can successfully continue its genus after communication with the golden carp.

Where to catch crucian carp in April

Crucian carp is a fish of warm water, therefore, going fishing, you need to exclude from your route all bodies of water, at the bottom of which springs gush. The main (favorite) habitat of crucian carp is coves and shallow parts of reservoirs, overgrown with water lilies and other underwater flora. Crucian carp prefers underwater thickets, or rather, their outer borders with clean water. Very often he feeds in the immediate vicinity of the coast.

Tackle for catching crucian carp in April

Having decided on the place of possible (successful) fishing, it is necessary to resolve the issue with the choice of tackle. It is preferable to choose a fishing rod for crucian carp, light, like for roach and other high-melting.

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The ideal tackle looks like this: the thickness of the main line is no more than 0, 12 mm; float -0.4-0.5 g; leash – 0, 10 mm; thin long hook of red color 12-14th size.

When preparing the tackle, the following point should be taken into account: the last sinker should be in the immediate vicinity of the bottom, followed by a leash 10 centimeters long.

All attempts to hook a crucian carp on a heavy, large rod will invariably lead to a break in the leash, which will make enough noise and scare away possible prey from the fishing site for a long time. Of course, in this case, the fishing at the chosen place is over, even if the fish was well fed.

Bait for crucian carp in April

In spring, crucian carp walks in small flocks, but this does not limit the volume of the catch. The key to a successful carp fishing is a bait that you can easily make yourself. It is necessary to take in equal quantities (1-2 handfuls) bread crumbs, stale white loaf, branded bait “Karas-lin”, ground biscuits, small fodder maggots and one box of bloodworms.

An important component of this bait is a handful of earth taken from a freshly dug hole, since it is such soil, unlike surface soil, that does not have foreign impurities and odors. The ground changes color, bait, making it darker, and therefore more attractive to crucian carp. (Do not forget that the fish of interest to us is frightened by light objects – its habitat assumes a dark muddy bottom – which means that a light bait will be completely ineffective.)

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After mixing all the ingredients well, form them into balls the size of a tangerine. Before throwing the fishing rod, we throw 1-2 ″ tangerines ”into the water, then, already during fishing, every half hour we carefully increase the portion of complementary food by one more ball. After the fish began to peck actively, we stop the bait.

April Crucian Bait

The crucian carp also prefers a special bait. Best of all, he bites on the so-called “sandwich” – between two maggots, carefully, so that the “filling of the sandwich” remains alive, they put two bloodworms on the hook.

Biting and playing

Crucian carp is a cautious and shy fish, therefore it is necessary to hook it not earlier than the moment when the float lies horizontally on the water or abruptly goes under the water. We carefully remove the hooked fish from the fishing place and, having removed the next crucian carp from the hook, we congratulate ourselves on good luck.

I hope my tips will help you enjoy your catch as often as possible.

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