Bloodworm extraction methods – How to wash bloodworms in summer and winter

Bloodworms are mosquito larvae. It is a small, red worm with a black head. Almost all known fish bite on this bait.

Bloodworms can be bought at the store or obtained by yourself. This bait is found in the bottom silt. It can be found in ponds, lakes, and riverbeds.

Winter bloodworm extraction

Before embarking on a winter search for bloodworms, you need to find a body of water with a shallow depth and a muddy bottom. Next, you need to cut the hole. Bloodworms are obtained using a large scoop equipped with a hard rim and a long handle. With the help of this scoop, sludge is taken from the bottom, which is subsequently washed. This is done by lowering the scoop halfway into the water, then by moving the hands in different directions, the sludge is washed out. As a result, the bloodworms in the silt will rise up and can be caught with a small strainer.

Extraction of bloodworms with a string

String extraction involves the use of a frame-shaped device attached to a pole. The size of the frame will depend on the size of the hole. The frame is wrapped with a fishing line with a thickness of at least 1 millimeter with the distance of the strings between themselves no more than 2 centimeters. The extraction of bloodworms occurs in the following way: the frame goes down to the very bottom and is driven along it, thus, the bloodworm in the silt catches on the fishing line.

Using a bucket to get a bloodworm

This method is one of the simplest with a minimum of tools. All you need is a bucket and a lighted fire. The principle of this method is as follows: the bucket is lowered into the water, the silt is scooped up from the bottom, and then the bucket with silt is placed on a fire made in advance. When the water is heated, the bloodworm larvae will begin to rise to the surface, from where they can be easily collected.

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For meat or fish

This method is the slowest in the extraction of bloodworms. A piece of meat or fish is wrapped in cheesecloth so that you get a bag resembling a bag. This bag is tied to a rope or cord and thrown into the water. The next day he gets it and unfolds. In addition to a piece of meat or fish, bloodworms should be found in this bag. This method is not common among fishermen, but in ancient times it was in this way that bloodworms were caught.

Extraction of bloodworms in summer

Summer bloodworm extraction is practically no different from winter, but it has its own subtleties.

In the summer, observing the reservoir, you will notice that insects are mainly in one place in large numbers. It is precisely in these places of their accumulation that it is necessary to produce bloodworms. In summer, with warmed water, bloodworms are located almost on the very surface of the silt, in winter, on the contrary, it can go deep into the silt up to 40 centimeters. This must be borne in mind when looking for this bait.

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