Croatian egg is an interesting bait

Croatian egg – a wobbler with an unusual name and a fairly new and interesting bait. As the name implies, the homeland of the Croatian egg is Croatia, and the father is Branislav Kalinic, who is one of the most famous Croatian spinningists. At home in Croatia, this lure is called the Bumblebee Lure or Bumble Lure. Of course, many have heard about it, but far from everyone knows what it really is, and very few have seen and even more so used it, although it came to our country in two thousand and six, after the Croatian bass tournament.

Of course, the Croatian egg did not arise from scratch, and it has a prototype. This is a fairly ancient bait in the shape of an egg, made of wood, with a hook screwed to it, usually single and always very sharp. The modern Croatian egg is a surface-working lure designed mainly for catching fish such as pike or perch.

The material for its manufacture is a light material like balsa wood, foam, cork or plastic. The shape of this bait, as the name implies, is an egg, to the blunt end of which a mounting ring is attached, intended for attaching a fishing line, and a hook is attached to the sharp end, most often single, but sometimes double. The load, which is in the abdomen, is positioned in such a way that the hook is always on top during wiring.

The Croatian egg is the best bait for heavily overgrown and snagging reservoirs, and for the most difficult places, models equipped with special antennae or plumage made of silicone are produced, which serve as non-hooks in the most difficult and impassable parts of the reservoir.

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Croatian egg can be both a popper and by the walker, depending on the type of issue. The popper, thanks to the notch on the front wide part, gurgles attractively, raises a cloud of spray during the leash, especially in the windows of a heavily overgrown reservoir. The walker (glider) does not have any recesses and has excellent streamlining, which allows it to glide perfectly over the grassy bottom of the reservoir, because its hook is always on top. Ideal for overgrown ponds.

The Croatian egg has excellent aerodynamics and is great for very long casts, thanks to the correct weight and round, smooth shape. The Croatian egg has a spectacular looking wire, vibrates strongly and raises a cloud of spray, which strongly attracts the fish and provokes them to take an immediate bite. The Croatian egg compares favorably with its congeners like spinners and poppers in that it is the only one of all the many spinning lures that really works in difficult conditions of overgrown reservoirs.

Of course, the Croatian egg is not an ideal that works always and everywhere, and it also has disadvantages, unfortunately. This bait works best in a well-warmed near-surface layer of water. The material from which this bait is made is quite fragile, and easily damaged by pike teeth, after which it begins to be saturated with water very quickly and loses its shape and becomes unusable, therefore, it is used most often only when the use of any other bait is impractical, yes and the descents of pecked fish from it are also not few – almost forty percent.

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Using a Croatian egg in a pond overgrown with dense vegetation is not only fishing, but also an exciting action that allows you to show all the dexterity and resourcefulness of the fisherman.

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