Bait for fish – Fishing secrets

Even people who are far from fishing know what bait is, but most likely they have not even heard about bait and baiting, and how they differ from one another, they do not even know.

With the bait, it is more and more difficult, because it is not designed for a one-time attraction of a nearby fish to the desired point, but for the development of a conditioned reflex in the fish, like in the well-known Pavlov’s dog, to swim to feed exactly where it is needed and when it is needed, and in whole flocks. And if you do not feed the fish accustomed to a stable diet on the day of fishing, then it will eat and bite on everything that you put on the hook, since hunger is still not an aunt, and there is no question of any special suspicion in this case can not. The main thing is not to feed in any way while fishing.

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Privada is not a matter of one day, therefore it is not available to everyone, because most often you can go fishing for one day off, and it is simply impossible to bring a fish to a place during this time. Much more fortunate is those who have fishing in the so-called walking distance, which allows you to have at the same time not even one, but two or three lured places, where you can fish in turns, today – on the first, tomorrow – on the second, in a week – on the third.

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The first fishing is an indicator of the correctness of the choice of bait, because in different reservoirs or even in different places of one large reservoir, preferences may be different. You can experiment with bridging by trying one, friend, third and opt for the most successful one. The time it takes to train the fish to the place is not the same, for small reservoirs it is smaller, for large ones – more. The time for feeding, that is, casting the bait, is usually chosen based on the time of the proposed fishing, and most often it is either morning or evening.

The effectiveness of a bait is influenced by a number of factors such as smell, taste, variety and density. The aroma attracts the desired fish passing by, and sometimes scares away unwanted ones. The aroma is most effective in the dark, in cloudy or dark, opaque water, because in this case the visibility is limited, and the fish relies heavily on its sense of smell. The main thing is not to overdo it, because an excessive amount of flavorings can backfire and scare away fish.

The basis chosen for the bait should ensure its longest erosion, because the purpose of baiting is not to feed the fish quickly and to their fill, but to accustom them to the fact that you can always find food in a given place. Clay is often used as the base material, which is usually available and free. The amount of base (clay) in the plant bait is half of the total weight, in the animal it is about a third, its density depends on the current – the faster it is, the thicker the clay, in standing water, clay can even be mixed with ground egg shells or sand. How much bait is needed is a delicate matter, and is determined empirically in a specific place, the main thing is not to give too much of it, so that the half-eaten does not spoil and does not frighten the fish.
There are many recipes for baiting, for example, pour a kilogram of bran with a liter of water, let it brew for twenty minutes, then rub through a sieve and leave to infuse for a day or a day. After that, the water must be drained, add thirty grams of crushed hemp seeds, a couple of drops of anise oil, half a teaspoon of baking soda, the same amount of fragrant sunflower oil to the resulting mass. Now you need to add flour and knead the tough dough, stick balls three to four centimeters in diameter from it and dry well, you can in the oven. The concentrate is ready.

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Most often, the same components are used for bait that will be used in subsequent fishing, but this is not an indispensable condition. You can, for example, use a thick and tasty maggot for fishing, and weld the fish to the place with cake, all individually, and in the lured place in the morning a flock of hungry bream and roach will look forward to waiting.

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