Tactics for catching bream with boilies

More recently, no one could even think about catching bream with boilies. Indeed, in the old days, everyone quite successfully caught this fish with a feeder, feeding it with a feeder. But on many reservoirs, a very large number of small fish appeared, which quickly knocks down the baits, and not only worms or maggots, but even corn and peas.

The salvation from this misfortune is fishing for bream with boilies with hair accessories. In addition, if you have to visit fishing bases on Akhtuba, then this tactic has been tested there, and will bring you even more catch.

For such fishing, common carp feeder equipment is often used. But the hooks here are an order of magnitude smaller, and the leashes are thinner. Sliding equipment is also perfect (this is if there are undergrowths up to 500 grams in the reservoir). For additional bait, instead of a sinker, a feeder is often equipped. Depending on the strength of the current, the weight of the feeder is also selected – from 40 to 80 grams. Too heavy feeders can easily catch on a snag at the bottom. But you can only fish with a sinker. After all, it has some advantages. So, a tackle with a sinker can be thrown further and more precisely, it will not flop so loudly on the water, which is very important when fishing for bream in shallow water. With a dead hook, it is better to lose the load than the feeder.

Catching bream with boilies is much more effective with bait. It includes traditional carp elements. Throw the balls of food just upstream. You need to prepare the feed 5 kilograms, throw everything into the water and no longer feed it. But if a strong bite has already gone, then you can still feed.

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Arriving fishing, you should not rush to immediately feed the fish. It is believed that it is necessary to look for promising places to catch bream. Only by catching a few bream can you safely feed the place. Take the time to take a boat with you in order to throw all the food in one fell swoop, without frightening the fish. The place of bait can be marked with a small buoy, which will greatly facilitate the search for the place to throw the nozzle.

When fishing for bream with boilies, you do not need to react to small bites. Here it is better to wait until the fish reliably grab the bait and only then hook it. Experienced fishermen believe that such a fishing trip should be spent overnight, at least for two days. Fishing for bream with boilies will be effective if the place is well fed.

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