Fishing Semolina – Preparation and Application

Steep, viscous semolina flour dough. Every fisherman knows that this mess has nothing to do with cooking and cooking. It is a universal attachment with a simple recipe.

Its very recipe is as follows: a tablespoon of cereal is poured with water in a one-to-one ratio. Close the container and leave for a couple of hours. If it is too late to prepare for fishing, then an hour will be enough. But no less! Otherwise, the cereal will not absorb water and will not stay in the same consistency.

There is a statement that the water in the preparation should be taken from the source, where the fishing itself is supposed to be. But, practice has shown that this is not true, since the fisherman is rather fussy on the spot and does not give a proper temporary infusion to the test. It is better to prepare at home using ordinary tap water. And also, each reservoir has its own type of water, therefore, the consistency in one place will grab in an hour, and in another and during the day it will not reach the required density.

After the infusion, the mass is stirred with a spoon with special care and checked for rupture. The consistency should only allow the dough to tear after being stretched seven centimeters. It is convenient to store such a nozzle, and lay out in containers, and transport.

The fishing semolina is best kept in a syringe. This is an observation by thousands of anglers. By filling the dough in syringes, it can be stored in the freezer for more than a month. The advantages of the container are obvious: convenience, the dough does not dry out under the influence of wind or sun, it does not get wet, even if it accidentally falls into the water and eliminates getting your hands dirty. If you use your freezer frequently for storage, keep in mind that the consistency gets thinner and thinner after each defrost.

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The chatterbox is used in hunting any fish from the carp family. It is good because when it gets into the water, the pieces of cereal are separated, thus creating a cloud of fragrant consistency in the water. It can also be dyed any color using food coloring, or any flavoring added, depending on the fish’s preference. A rare angler, after using a talker, will refuse this effective attachment.

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