Catching crucian carp on a cork – Fishing secrets

The principle of catching crucian carp on a cork is based on the fact that crucian carp loves to rummage in search of food. Fishermen make this simple device for catching crucian carp themselves.

To do this, they take an ordinary cork from a plastic bottle, insert it into a metal cork, for example, from beer, make it heavy with lead, stuff it with bait, attach hooks, masking them in the bait. The size of the hook is taken according to the size of the fish. At the same time, they prefer a light hook, which makes it easier for the crucian carp to swallow it. Hooks are attached to leads, usually two or three. Leashes are made of nylon thread or other suitable material. They are attached to the main leash, which is passed through the holes made in the walls of the plugs in advance. The main leash is fixed to the line.

The finished tackle is thrown with a spinning rod. Crucian carp notices tasty bait, begins to actively try it and falls for a trick. At the same time, the fish is detected reliably.

The bait stuffed into the cork should be thick enough so that it doesn’t wash out easily with water, so you need to mix it properly. In consistency, it should resemble dough.

For bait, take any ingredients that can attract crucian carp, and also use flavors. Sinking to the bottom, the bait is at the top. Slowly washing away with water, it attracts voracious fry. The sluggish crucian carp, noticing this fuss, itself approaches the bait.

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Perhaps this method of catching crucian carp will seem somewhat primitive, but after trying it once, amateur anglers resort to it again, since using this method, you can get a good catch of large fish. Especially this method of fishing is suitable in the summer heat, when the fish are kept in deep places. It is also convenient that you can fish from the shore without a boat, throwing the tackle far enough.

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