Fishing in High Winds – Fishing Secrets

Many fishermen mistakenly consider fishing in strong winds unreasonable. But it is with the wind that the wave masks the fisherman from the fish. The main thing is to have a meaningful approach to fishing, carefully choose places, taking into account the direction of the wind and where it can turn. For fishing, the most unpleasant is the side wind. If you fish in stagnant water, then you need to take up space so that the wind blows in your face, although it is more convenient to catch it from the leeward side, but there may not be a bite there.

If you have found the right place, then it is necessary to correctly select the fishing rod equipment and, first of all, by weight. In order to cast a fishing rod in the right place, you need to take a heavier rig. Floats are chosen elongated, with heavy keels, they fly better and more accurately, and the rig does not get tangled. In strong winds, in order to hold the rig in the fishing zone, they reduce the windage of the scaffold by reducing its diameter.

The hardest part of fishing is choosing and adjusting your rig correctly. It depends on the following factors: – wind strength – depth – presence of a bottom current – bottom topography – fish activity If the wind blows in your face, it is more convenient to catch with a plug. When fishing with a plug, a re-throw is easy, and it is easier to hold the rig, the main thing is that the rig is not too light, and the center of gravity of the float should be at the very bottom of the body. The upper body should be thin and long.

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Of great importance is the bait, which is thrown, in the current, a little closer (half a meter).

In the absence of current, but in strong wind, a simple but effective method is used: – part of the forest is drowned with the help of a pellet between the end of the rod and the float. After casting, the end of the rod is immersed in the water.

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