Bowfishing – fishing with a slingshot

There are a huge number of devices for fishing. The original version is the familiar slingshot, which is known to all residents of our country. It is practically not used by domestic fishermen, but it is confidently gaining popularity in other countries.

Features of fishing slingshot

Fishing with a slingshot or bow is not widespread in our country, and this is partly due to the fact that many fish inspectors perceive this fishing tool as poaching. Now, in many countries, the slingshot is used more and more often, and it can be ordered very easily at foreign (more often Chinese) online stores.

Fishing with a slingshot, with some experience, can be a big catch. It often comes with a flashlight and a target designator with a laser beam, which makes fishing easier at night. During the day, the use of this tackle is difficult, since the fish swims away when they see the hunter, and it is very difficult to get close to it. A prison or a bow, a crossbow can become more effective in the daytime, but it should be noted that fishing with the use of such weapons is prohibited in our country. The slingshot is compact and can be easily removed. Shooting from it can be carried out with special metal balls or stones.

Slingshot fishing technique

This fishing gear has a non-inertia reel on which a braid (braided cord) is wound. Experienced fishermen often fix it not on the slingshot itself, but on the hand (on the wrist). This allows you to install a target designator (laser pointer or flashlight) on the slingshot.

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Although slingshot fishing is similar to spear fishing, it has its own differences. In this case, the fisherman needs to grab a landing net (fishing net) on the river. The fish will resist when playing, which does not happen when it sits on the spearhead.

You should also take with you an additional harpoon (a dart that is used for shooting). It is likely that he will fall into a snag at the bottom, from where it will be difficult to pull him out. An additional headlamp or its stationary version of the boat will facilitate fishing.

The slingshot has a comfortable handle and a shoulder rest that will greatly facilitate fishing. The reels used for bowfishing come in a variety of ways, and may vary in design and line storage. In some versions, it is simply stacked in the container, rather than being wound on a reel, as in the standard version. In this case, the line will not slow down the fired projectile (dart) and unfolds much faster. Other equipment options offer the installation of a conventional spinning reel.

A convenient device for equipping a slingshot is the trigger ring. In the process of catching, the fisherman’s hands often get wet, and it becomes difficult to hold the arrow with a stretched bowstring. The release ring will facilitate this process. Also, in addition to the slingshot, thick gloves may be included in the kit.

What you need for slingshot fishing

For bowfishing, a fisherman should purchase (rent) a flat-bottomed boat. Attention should be paid to equipment – you will need high boots, waders or a special wading suit if fishing is carried out from the shore. Polarizing glasses will help to remove glare from the surface of the reservoir.

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It should be noted that fishing with a slingshot is poaching. If a fisherman with this fishing gear is caught, a fine will be imposed on him. However, you can use the slingshot on private ponds, where you need to pay a small amount for fishing.

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