Bait for carp – How to weld carp to the place of fishing?

Welding is the procedure for luring carp to the zones of the reservoir you have chosen, for its subsequent catching. Privada Is a complementary food used to attract fish. The time spent on this process, on average, takes from 3 days to several weeks. The timing varies depending on the characteristics of the reservoir and the characteristics of the carp living in it.

In the wild, carp roost much more slowly than on rented or artificial lakes.

Who might be interested in the daily routine of going to the pond at the same time in order to pour the next portion of food there? However, if you are interested in a large catch of large fish, preferably on an ongoing basis, then you will have to make some efforts to tame carp to a specific fishing sector.

The very taming of your future prey in certain places takes place in several stages. In this article, they will be discussed in detail. First, you need to give a clear answer to the question posed: Why are we doing this?

Why do you need to weld carp?

Even if you thoroughly possess information on this reservoir, you know all the most successful fishing spots, you have a large amount of bait at your disposal, then this often does not guarantee a successful result for experienced carp anglers. And it often happens that all the habitats of the carp are either hard to reach or are constantly occupied by other fishermen.

The only way left is to feed the carp in another place. And only we can decide where this place will be located. We will select a site where it will be comfortable for us to cast our fishing rods, and which, without any doubt, will not be occupied by other carp anglers. Having placed a certain portion of the bait at the bottom, the carp will find it there and eat it. And having found food there again, and again, and again, the fish will begin to look into this territory regularly. Thus, we will prepare for ourselves a vacant place for fishing.

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Choosing a place for boiling carp

However, baiting carp is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Carp is very careful when choosing a feeding place, he will not immediately rush to the first food that comes across. Therefore, carp should be bonded to areas that will be similar to the environment that is habitual for its feeding: various large stumps, shrubs, thickets of rakita, various overgrown areas with a silted bottom. Carp usually seek food in small open spaces near the locations listed above. A bait in such places will cause less suspicion in carp.

How to weld carp?

Today, specialized stores have a wide range of carp drives – from the simplest toppings to branded impurities with special attractants. Although you can always prepare a quality bait yourself at home. Oilseed cake, regular cereal of your choice, boiled potatoes, breadcrumbs, corn, fried sunflower seeds, etc.

It is required that the bait includes several ingredients. There are a huge number of ways to prepare bait for carp. From the practical experience of skilled anglers, it can be concluded that carp takes into account the nutritional value, and they like baits with a high degree of calorie most of all.

Carp welding technique

Top dressing with bait in a certain place should be carried out 2 times a day. Early morning and evening. It is not recommended to scatter the bait in the thickets – we carry out delivery (with a slingshot, a bait boat) in the area of ​​shrub growth or to a place where there are a lot of snags. If the bait is high in calories, then the carp will find it a little further from their usual habitat.

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As mentioned above, on rented lakes, carps are not so careful, and 3 days will be quite enough to tame the carp to the desired place. The carp is a fish that takes more caution, so you need to be careful when approaching the weld areas.

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