Pea mastic without cooking – How to cook?

How to make a pea mastic without cooking, so that it fits both the hook and the spring. We know that peas are cooked for a long time and tiring, there is not always free time for this, so this option will help out many fishing enthusiasts on fishing.

You need to take split peas, semolina and a thermos, while we must sort out the peas as well. Usually I use a thermos with a glass flask, since modern flasks do not really keep the temperature, and in our case, boiling water should stay in a thermos for as long as possible. And I also wash it in a thermos for convenience.

Immediately you need to decide whether to prepare the composition for the nozzle or for the bait, for the nozzle I steam the peas with boiling water for two hours, it turns out to be harsh and does not fly off the hook, and for the mastic we keep it in a thermos for at least three hours. At the same time, we do not pour out the water, it can be used to prepare any bait, adding it instead of water.

To make mashed potatoes, I use a blender, they can crush peas faster than with a crush, and peas fractions must be present in the mashed potatoes, we will clog the spring with such a masticator. When it cools, it becomes dense, and to make it tight, add a little less than half a glass of semolina, until it cools down, mix. If you see that it has become loose, then you need to add a little pea broth, slightly moisten it, let it brew under the lid so that the semolina swells.

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It has become tight, with pieces of peas, and very fragrant, it will be washed out of the trough, and the composition is the simplest, peas and semolina and nothing more. But it is also suitable for a nozzle, only in this case there should not be pieces of peas in it, when we cook mashed potatoes, you can separately punch some part with a blender more carefully. Then add the semolina as well and you will have a great bait.

Everything ingenious is simple, without unnecessary costs and time, you can prepare an elastic mastic without boiling, which is suitable for a nozzle both from whole peas and from mashed potatoes, and hammering a spring with such a bait is a pleasure, as they say, cheap and effective.

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