Salapin porridge – Step-by-step recipe for salapin porridge

You can prove and argue for a very long time that porridge is an irreplaceable thing on fishing, and not only. With the help of porridge, the required fishing spot is fed and a larger amount of fish is lured.

Salapinskaya porridge for bream is a rather interesting bait that novice fishermen neglect, arguing that it has a multi-component recipe and a long cooking process. But in reality, everything is extremely simple. Many people know about its presence in the list of practical methods of a fisherman. Also, many fishing enthusiasts use it in their arsenal of chips for a rich catch.

Salapin porridge ingredients

To prepare Salapin porridge, you must:

  • water (4.5 cups);
  • pearl barley (0.5 cups);
  • millet (1 cup);
  • barley groats (1 cup);
  • corn grits (1.5 cups);
  • vanillin (5-15 g);
  • fragrant vegetable oil (1-2 tablespoons).

Do not forget that all cereals must be fresh, without mold and foreign smell. Then the aroma effect of the porridge will work in the best way.

Salapin porridge preparation method

  1. First, you need to put a pot of 4-5 liters on the stove, before pouring water into it in three times the total volume of cereals and cover with a lid. After boiling, add barley.
  2. Reduce the heat so that the cereal does not burn when it boils strongly, cover and wait until tender. Barley is considered ready, after the turbidity and transparency of the edges of the grains.
  3. After that, you need to add millet, stirring thoroughly until smooth. After 2-3 minutes add vanillin and vegetable oil. Stir everything again and leave to cook on minimal heat. After millet has absorbed almost all the water and small holes are visible on the surface, this means that it is almost ready. Next, you need to remove the pan from the heat and cover with a lid. Leave for 10-20 minutes. After this time, you need to check whether the porridge has absorbed all the water, if not, it is drained in a convenient way for everyone.
  4. Then add the barley and corn grits. Mix everything thoroughly again. Ideally, the porridge should be crumbly, but when compressed, form a lump. If it does not crumble, you need to add more cereals, and if it is too thick, add steamed oatmeal.
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The use of salapin porridge

The porridge “works” in the best way when using a feeder (bottom tackle with a load-feeder). When this device hits the bottom, the porridge is gradually washed out of the trough, luring the fish. In addition, this makes it possible to transfer the feeders not so often. If fishing takes place in a place with a large current, it is advisable that the porridge is not washed out too quickly. To do this, before casting, squeeze the feeder in a fist, thereby making a dense lump of porridge, which prolongs the presence of the bait in the feeder by 2-3 minutes.

Salapin porridge and the method of its preparation is a reliable method that has been tested by many fishermen over the years of their vast experience, which helps to significantly increase the fish catch. The method is simple both in the preparation of the porridge itself, and in use, and it really works.

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