Catching catfish on a bear – Fishing secrets

Medvedka is rightfully considered one of the most catchy live baits when catching catfish. She is quite capable of competing with dung worms and leeches. Many novice fishmongers do not know where to get the bait.

How to catch a bear for catfish fishing?

Since the bear is a garden parasite, then you need to look for it in the beds with vegetables. The difficulty lies in the fact that live beetles are needed for bait, since they react poorly to dead catfish. There are several proven methods for catching live bait.

The first way

For catching, you need a small container with a volume of 0.7 to 0.5 liters. You can use glass or plastic containers. Half of the container must be filled with humus. Next, the pot must be buried so that the throat is about 3–7 cm below the surface of the earth. The exit from the hole is covered with cardboard so that the earth does not crumble into the container. The next morning, before the sun rises, the container is pulled out and the beetles are removed.

Second way

The method of luring beetles into beer is more costly, but effective. Beer must be poured into containers. Small jars, bottles, or other containers with a narrow neck will do. It is important that the diameter of the neck is larger than the size of the beetle. Pour beer about 2-3 fingers into the container. Next, the container is buried at a slight slope, and the entrance to the hole is covered with cardboard. It should be noted that Bears respond better to sour beer.

If the beetles are to be stored or transported, it is necessary to separate the individuals or make a container with shelters. Bears are cannibals, so only a few of the strongest individuals can survive to fish. To save the livestock will help cardboard egg cells, arranged in a box or containers for storing small items, divided into segments.

Methods for catching catfish on a bear

Experienced anglers advise using the bear when fishing with bottom tackle and bouncing. It is important to remember that beetles bite and follow safety precautions. Usually, one individual is attached to the hooks. Store beetles in a cool place away from sunlight.

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Advice for beginners

Going for catfish, one should take into account not only weather factors, fishing methods and seasonality, but also the preference of fish. Sometimes catfish react perfectly to the bear during the day, but the next day they refuse this bait. Therefore, it is best to stock up on various baits, for example, take in stock a worm, frogs, leeches or fried sparrows. Since even experienced somyatniks cannot say with certainty what exactly the catfish will respond best to.

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