Features of the bait and fishing technique

Spinnerbait is a special type of bait, which is a wire frame bent at a right angle. On top of it there are one, two or three rotating petals, and on the bottom there is a cast weight with a single hook resembling a jig head. This load is decorated with plumage from thin, multi-colored patches. The wire must be resilient enough to accurately transmit vibrations to the hook. Fishing with spinnerbait is very popular in America, but here it hasn’t taken root, and here’s why.

Spinnerbait features

To successfully catch this type of bait, you need to take into account many factors. Firstly, it is suitable only for certain fishing conditions: in shallow water, in heavily overgrown and snagged places. The design of the spinnerbait lure protects the tackle from snags and allows you to calmly pass through the grass. Secondly, you need to choose your model for a certain predator. Only if these requirements are met, all the advantages of this type of fishing will be revealed.

The technique of playing with spinnerbait lure is important. After casting, the hook with plumage goes down, the spinner petals remain at the top. With the correct wiring of the spinnerbait, the shreds begin to vibrate attractively, and the upper part rotates around the fastening axis. The predator is attracted by the combination of shapes, noise and play of color. Such a tackle is not even remotely similar to a fish, therefore the correct approach to fishing is important.

Spinnerbaits for pike

If you are confident in your abilities, feel free to go with a spinnerbait for pike. This predator is incredibly horny seeing such a lure. The best spinnerbaits for her are as follows:

  1. Hildebrandt Pan-Dango. It has a strong frame with a closed ear, a small Colorado petal and a bismuth tapered head, which easily cuts through obstacles in the form of grass. Instead of plumage, the Shad 1.5 micro-bait is used.
  2. M&G. Legendary model from the Lindy Legendary company. It has two petals. The skirt is made of shiny faux fibers and deer wool. Due to its excellent aerodynamic properties, it can be used for long casts.
  3. German G-3005. Equipped with one concave-convex petal. The plumage on the jig head is made in the form of a bundle of rubber pieces. The perfect combination of price and quality.
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Spinnerbaits for perch

Among the variety of spinnerbaits for perch, the following models can be distinguished:

  1. Terminator Titanium Twin Spin. The leader of many ratings of this type of bait. Its special design is a bifurcated titanium frame with a beveled Oklahoma-style petal at each end. With any wiring technique, it creates an excellent play of light. The hook is equipped with a silicone QuickSkirt.
  2. MegaStrike StrikeBack. It has two petals, one of which is in the form of “Willow leaf” and the other is “Colorado”. The main feature is a freely rotating head, which allows the predator to swallow the bait more easily and reliably spot it.
  3. Sebile Pro-Shad Finesse. It has an original shape of petals and a head, imitating a school of small fish. All components are detailed and look very realistic. Great for any wiring method.

Wiring technique or how to fish with a spinnerbait

Before you start fishing, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the greater the depth at the place of casting, the more choose the weight of the head;
  • do not use spinnerbait on regularly visited bodies of water – here the predator is much more careful and fastidious;
  • for clear water, use a bait with a smaller petal size, for turbid water – with a large one;
  • Choose the color in the same way: for transparent water, use petals with a copper tint, for translucent – with gold, and for turbid – with silver.

For catching a predator in an active state, smooth guidance with a uniform pull-up speed is suitable. Thus, you can search for feeding fish in a large area.

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In places of channel edges, as well as at depths, a compact bait with a petal rotating during free immersion is used. It is necessary to make an accurate cast along the place of the drop. Then pull the line slightly and let the bait sink freely to the bottom. While doing this, watch the tip of the rod.

When fishing in the autumn and spring seasons at shallow depths, the speed of retrieval should be greatly increased. In this case, a swarm of bubbles will form, imitating an escaping fish.
For fishing in the bottom layer, use a spinnerbait with a rounded head. Do the wiring at minimum speed. So the bait will at times cling to the bottom, creating a cloud of turbidity. This can provoke the fish to attack.

Despite the fact that spinnerbait has not yet become widespread in Russia, you definitely need to take a closer look at it. Manufacturers are constantly improving the presented model range in accordance with the feedback from sports anglers. With a competent approach and skillful presentation, success will not keep you waiting, delighting you with a trophy catch.

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