features, places and time of application

For catching predatory fish, the “Volker” lure is often used. It has many advantages and is used by fishermen in a variety of conditions.

General idea of ​​the bait

Volker is a lure used on the surface of the water surface to catch predatory fish. Used for spinning fishing. The front part of the device is made convex, and the shape itself resembles a small fish and has a streamlined configuration.

Upon closer examination, you can see that the figure of the “fish” is not straight, but somewhat curved. This structure of the bait allows it to make zigzag movements during the posting and attract prey to itself. Moreover, the head of the “volker” is constantly above the surface of the water, and the body is immersed in depth.

Moving the bait creates a movement effect characteristic of a small snake. At the same time, the bait easily overcomes the water stream and is able to turn in the opposite direction. The bait shows all its advantages at shallow depths and weak ripples on the surface.

Best places and times of application

The most optimal places for using this bait are shallow water and overgrown places on the reservoir. The ideal application site would be if it combines the above. It is in the thickets that predatory slaves ambush their prey.

According to the season, “volkers” are best used in a warm season. At this time, the desired fish graze near the surface of the water, attracted by small fish.

And according to the time of day, the early dawn is considered the best time. Oblique sun rays most favorably illuminate the bait and thereby excite predators to hunt.

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Fishermen, when using the “walker”, use jerk wiring. And the first movements should be a few twitches to drive the bait into action. Such movements imitate the behavior of aquatic inhabitants and force the predatory fish to start feeding. Small pauses are made between jerks and continue to move.

Features of this bait

Due to its structure, this lure has good flight characteristics. It can be thrown over long distances. Volkers are released quiet and noisy. In the latter, details are inserted that emit a certain noise to attract fish.

With such a bait, you can explore a large area of ​​the reservoir. In this case, the hooks are reduced to minimal quantities.

This type of bait is referred to as floating. There are models that are slightly submerged in water, while retaining all their qualities.

Using a walker, the fisherman provides himself with an exciting activity and spectacular fishing.

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