Wobbler Frog – Review, reviews

The Wobbler Frog is a miniature live frog fishing lure. The non-hook is a good device for catching large fish with a spinning rod.

Characteristics of the Wobbler Frog lure

  1. Type – non-hook frog;
  2. Weight – 6 grams;
  3. Ability – maneuverability on the water;
  4. Depth when immersed in water – 1 meter;
  5. Product dimensions – 12x2x1 cm;
  6. Functions: frog jump (short or short dash by spinning rod); floating frog (slow unwinding of the coil, imitation of yeast with the help of hands).

What makes Wobbler Frog unique

The Frog lure is perfect for pike fishing. The product is made of sufficiently durable and high quality material. This is what guarantees its long-term operation. The Wobbler is a unique lure because it has a realistic look and the bonus of a sharp double that will prevent the frog from getting stuck in the grass and clinging to it. Manufacturers try to make the eyes bulging. Feet are also available.

Nezatseplyayka is compact, which allows fishermen to take with them at any time of the year. Such a product will turn ordinary fishing into a kind of “cat and mouse” game. The Wobbler is suitable for any terrain. And the light weight allows you to “throw” the bait as far as a person can. No other bait frog gives a 100% guarantee like this product.

Pike hunting with the Wobbler Frog

Not many fishermen, even experienced ones, know that it is best to catch pike with a non-hook frog lure. Thanks to her, fishing becomes not only effective, but also very exciting. The pike is a predator that is the largest freshwater fish species. Adults weigh up to 35 kilograms. Pike lead an active lifestyle all year round, but only in winter, since there is enough food, they rarely hunt and eat little. In the spring, it’s time for spawning. Due to the hungry winter, the fish needs food for strength. These are especially proteins. Therefore, the predator begins to feed not only on small fish, but also on frogs, birds and other small inhabitants of the reservoir.

Knowledgeable fishermen advise to catch a predator with a non-catch frog in spring, because at this time the pike is hungry and gluttonous. But many people miss this chance and start fishing in the middle of summer.

Successful fishing spots

The Wobbler Frog is a good pike lure. But one, albeit excellent, adaptation is not enough. Finding the right place is important. Anglers recommend using frog in places like this:

  • Large spaces. Since a non-hook frog can be thrown over a long distance due to its low weight and dimensions, the search radius of the predator increases.
  • Duckweed. July is the best time to fish, as the duckweed appears, which hides most of the underwater life. A lot of new creatures are born in it. And for the pike it is a real feast. Sometimes she forgets about caution due to the abundance of food. Therefore, this is a great chance to catch.
  • Fallen trees and grass. The Wobbler Frog can hide in hidden places where rotted and fallen trees lie or a lot of lush vegetation. Great bait spot.
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Anglers’ reviews of Wobble Frog lure

The pike bite well on the Wobbler Frog! She does not dive deeply and swims well on slow wiring, lures predators well with slaps on the water! Due to the fact that the light bait does not sink deeply and does not cling to grass and reeds (I really hope that it will not come off). And so men I advise everyone! You will not regret!

Vladislav Savin

Satisfied! This is the best wobbler I have ever used. The quality is high. Very stable and good action on fast and slow wiring. Delivered in 4 days! Prosperity to your store!

Timur Kurtov

Thus, the Wobbler Frog is a great bait frog for catching large predatory fish. The quality is guaranteed. The product is presented in green. The uniqueness of the bait is that it creates a spray, suitable for rivers, lakes and ponds. The frog is not afraid of grass or reeds. The product will delight the buyer not only with a pleasant price, but also with a successful hunt.

If you place an order in the near future, you will be able to purchase the product at a fabulous price. Delivery will be within 1-10 business days. Hurry up, stock is limited!

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