Burdock moth (Chernobyl) larva – Catching on Chernobyl

Maybe not all novice fishermen know that there is a larva from the Chernobyl in nature, which catches fish well at any time of the year, especially in winter, when the choice of baits is very limited.

Extraction and storage of burdock moth larvae

It is best to stock up on Chernobyl in October – early November, at once for the whole year. You won’t have any storage problems.

There are two types of wormwood. Bitter wormwood – with a characteristic taste and smell, its stem is light green. Common wormwood is completely tasteless, has a faint smell, its stem becomes brown in autumn.

Only the second is suitable for collecting larvae. It grows in vast colonies on wastelands, along fences, roads, along the edges of ravines. In wormwood growing along the banks of streams, streams and other reservoirs, there are much more larvae, sometimes there are up to 50 of them per stem, while in the wasteland there are no more than 5-10 of them.

Collect the larvae only from the middle part of the stem. In the bottom, as a rule, they are absent, and the upper thin part is difficult to split, as well as a crooked stem, so it is better to choose only even plants with a minimum number of lateral branches.

Usually 150-200 stems are enough for the whole season. We tie the stems clean, without tops, unnecessary branches and leaves in bunches, put them on an open loggia and put them in the shade.

Before going fishing, we carefully remove the larvae from the stems and put them in a plastic box, which we then place in the freezer. The minus temperature is not terrible for the Chernobyl, moreover, it protects the larva from losing weight and rapid pupation.

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At the end of March, you must put all the unprocessed stock in the freezer. With the beginning of open water, it will be worth its weight in gold and will provide an irreplaceable service when fishing for roach and bleak.

Best of all, bleak, roach, perch, ruff, bream and sabrefish are taken for Chernobyl.

Catching on a Chernobyl larva

A small sharp hook is needed to catch bleak on a Chernobyl cattle. The bite is usually clear and correct. It is safe to say that for catching this fish from ice, the Chernobyl is the number one nozzle.

When hunting for perch, it is important to play the jig with a frequency of 160-200 vibrations per minute, with a small amplitude and smooth rise. In cases where the perch shows its character and only pushes the jig, but is not spotted, it is usually sufficient to replace it with a smaller one. By the way, the following technique has a sobering effect on a capricious perch: short feeds of the bait upward are followed by a second fading nod. The lifting frequency is about one hundred and fifty per minute.

But for catching bream, a smooth game, with a slow rise or without it at all, is more attractive. However, sometimes the “frenzied” dance of the nod with a very high vibration frequency is triggered. For a breeder, the pace can be slightly reduced. These tricks are good both when fishing at the bottom and half-water.

Black mormyshka with Chernobyl sometimes brings simply phenomenal results in summer, in heat and calm, when bream rises almost to the very surface for life-giving oxygen. Then mainly medium and large individuals come across, and literally from under the boat.

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In winter, when fishing for large fish fed from the bottom, a sinker placed 6-7 cm from the hook is best placed on the bottom. In this case, the line extending vertically upward is away from the nozzle and is less alarming for the fish.

If, together with the Chernobyl, they plant on a jig and a caddisfly, they will peck larger specimens, and even a heroic ruff is caught.

In those rare cases, when you forget the precious attachment at home, feel free to put on the hook of the jig a small piece of white or yellow foam rubber, the size of a millet grain. True, bites in this case become extremely short and not so frequent, but this will not frighten a real angler, because not only record catches await him on the pond, but above all the ability to find a worthy way out of any situation.

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