How to heat your tent – 5 effective ways

If the temperature is still below freezing outside, you can heat the tent in the following ways:

  1. Heating stones in a fire is the easiest way to raise the temperature. One medium-sized stone is enough for us, it will not be difficult to find it. All you need is to put a stone in a burning fire. To prevent the stone from bursting, you need to heat it 2-3 times. As soon as the stone turns red, it can be removed from the fire. If such a stone is brought directly into the tent, it will become stuffy, and after half an hour it will completely cool down and become cold. Our task is to release heat slowly and evenly, and this requires a heat insulator. It may be a pot with a lid, but the heat will still not hold for more than three hours.
  2. The use of foil is suggested. The stone must be wrapped in several layers of foil, which can protect the tent from overheating and cooling in the first hours. And if after a while the tent begins to cool down, it is enough to unscrew one layer of foil.
  3. However, it should be noted that there is a possibility of burning through the bottom of the tent. To prevent this from happening, we choose the stone, as mentioned above, of medium size so that it can be placed in a saucepan or kettle. You can use a board for the backing, on which you can place a stone.
  4. A good microclimate in a tent is an essential component of successful fishing. This climate will help create gas, infrared heater, which works on conventional dichlorvos cartridges. Pleasant bonuses of such a heater are: compactness, mobility and gas consumption (1 cylinder for 3-4 hours of operation, and the gas is completely burnt out). The good news is that the gas burns out completely and the air does not dry out much. To heat the cylinder in the heater, manufacturers have provided a heating plate that does not allow the gas to freeze. The burner itself has a gas flow regulator and a pressure valve, which makes it safe, plus there is piezo ignition. Such a heater can also be used to cook something. The optimum temperature for use is up to -15, and it starts heating immediately, the gas flow has a regulator. Heating area 2-3 squares. There are a lot of manufacturers of infrared heaters, here the choice is yours. This heater is definitely perfect for those who love mobility and compactness.
  5. Now very popular and relevant heat exchangers… In most cases, the body is made of steel. The main and important advantage of the heat exchanger is that all carbon monoxide goes through the ventilation pipe to the street. Heat exchangers of this type can be used with other burners. The principle of operation is as follows – the pipes heat up from the flame, the top panel heats up, on which you can also comfortably warm up food and tea. The main advantage of the heat exchanger is that after heating, the fan distributes all the heat over the entire area of ​​the tent and is powered by a battery. The design of this heater allows it to be used with open gas hotplates or other small infrared burners. Usually, it is recommended to put foil on the bottom so that the bottom of the tent does not heat up and the bottom of the tent does not melt. This method of heating the tent is quite safe.
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Still, the most important thing is safety. It is very easy to get burned while sleeping in a tent, if at least minimal ventilation is not provided. It is important that fresh air is supplied periodically. Burners of any type should never be left unattended.

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