How to kill a fish? – Fishing secrets

Anyway, the fish is caught alive. And if this is done out of purely sports interest, then there are no questions, because it is released. But, firstly, even in this case, one does not want to let go of especially memorable and large catches. And secondly, few people do it out of love for the process. Most still want to brag about their prey in front of their household. And then the question arises about the methods of killing fish.

A person, in general, is an expert in the murder of someone. Therefore, there are also several ways to take the life of a fish. However, you need to remember that you need to decide on the fate of the caught fish within an hour after catching. Because if a live fish is in an unfamiliar environment for more than an hour, its meat loses its value. If this happens, it would be better to let her go.

All known methods of killing fish can be divided into three parts: optimal, good and extreme cases.

Optimal options

The most humane option is to release the fish. Fishing sportsmen do just that. This is an indicator of professionalism. In the end, it is not the fish’s fault that someone decided to hunt for it.

A great option is to freeze the fish. When it gets into a low temperature environment, it “falls asleep”. After a couple of hours, the fish dies. True, not all breeds. Crucians tolerate low temperatures well, even for a long time. It is better to kill them in another way.

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Another question is where to get frost on fishing? It disappears by itself when it comes to winter fishing. In the summer? Portable freezers aren’t cheap. And then, as a rule, they work from the vehicle’s on-board network. That is, you also need a car.

Not bad options

In fact, there is only one such option – hitting the head with a mallet. This is the most common method now. For these purposes, you can find a whole arsenal of beaters in specialized stores. Actually, in theory, the beater is designed to stun fish. But it turns out that most of the fish cannot endure a strong blow with a mallet on the head with a mallet and die.

The method is convenient to use, since the beater is an inexpensive, convenient, lightweight, compact thing, always at hand. However, not all so simple. To kill a fish the first time, the angler must have a steady hand and a keen eye. Otherwise, this process risks turning into a mockery of the fish. And yet, after the impact, the fish must be immediately gutted and salted. This must be done so that the meat does not spoil in the heat.

Emergency options

One of the not-so-good options is to break the fish’s back. There are two ways. If the hand is firm, and the fingers are strong, then you can shove them under the gills and grab the spine and turn your head sharply to the side. You need to hold the fish with your other hand.

If you have doubts about the successful outcome of the case the first time, then it is better to use another option. Put the fish on the ground, put a knife under the gills and hit it with a hammer you took with you or a stone found on the shore.

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The disadvantage of the method is the same as in the previous case: the fish must be immediately cut and salted.

A slightly exotic and sadistic way of taking the life of a fish is by piercing the brain. It is difficult to recommend it even as a last resort due to the prolonged and very painful death of the fish. The above methods kill her faster and with less pain.

It is performed as follows. An awl is taken and the brain of the fish is pierced. Either the head – behind the eyes, or the dorsal – behind the gills, on the back. The awl must be held until the end of the convulsions.

And again, after killing, the fish must be immediately gutted and salted.

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