Bassbait fishing for pike and perch

There is no doubt that the word “bassbait” came to us from the English language, but with the etymology, there is no unity in the ranks of fishermen. The second half is undoubtedly from the English “bait” – bait, and the first half is questionable. Someone thinks that this is “buzz” – buzz, buzz, others “bass” – perch. However, both assumptions take place, and etymology certainly does not hurt to catch a cunning predator.

Bassbait spinning lure

Bassbait is a piece of wire to which are attached: a hook (usually one), a sinker, decoration – a kind of “skirt” consisting of multi-colored silicone, rubber, silk threads. And the main design detail is a kind of propeller, which, when moving in water, rotates around its axis, creating noise, gurgling and splashes, which greatly attracts a hungry predator and provokes it to attack.

From this description, an experienced fisherman will immediately understand that “bassbait” is, rather, a surface bait. By the way, thanks to the rotating blades, the pros can also hope for a catch in reservoirs, where the bottom is littered with driftwood and snags. At an appropriate speed of retrieving, the tackle “itself” jumps out to the surface and whirring rushes through the water, attracting a predator hiding under a flooded tree.

The design of the bait allows you to use it in deeper layers of water and even in reservoirs with reeds and water lilies. An avid fisherman knows that it is these places that pike and perch choose for hunting and living. It is important that the design features increase the safety of the tackle, thus optimizing costs. Of course, the “skirt” “wears out” or is lost, but if the necessary material is available, this is quite correctable in the field. The “classic skirt” may well be replaced by a silicone worm, cancer, twister, or octopus.

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Fishing on bassbait at different times of the year

Fishing on bassbait in spring

The predator, at this time of the year, is lethargic, but at the same time hungry, so it will peck at different baits. The color of the propellers and the skirt should be chosen bright, but here you need to pay attention to the transparency of the water and sunlight. But you may have to experiment.

Bassbait fishing in summer

It is generally accepted that July is not the best month for pike fishing. The predator loves coolness. Based on this, the best time for summer fishing is morning or evening. If the weather is hot, then you need to look for fish in deeper places. It is more rational to fish from a boat in order to be mobile enough to change locations.

Fishing on bassbait in autumn

The most favorable season, the fish have already fattened up before winter and early autumn, the water in the shallow water is still warm. A big plus – you can fish at least all day. Closer to winter, the predator becomes lethargic and goes into deeper waters. Fishing requires a different tackle.

A sophisticated fisherman knows: the more tackle, the larger the fish. But this is not an axiom, a large specimen may well bite on a fry – small tackle, while a large bait may well scare off a more cautious, or not very hungry predator. Based on this, an experienced fisherman always has with him several, different sizes and differently arranged, “bassbaits”, but always with high quality hooks. The last remark is important precisely in case of a bite of a large specimen on a “small” tackle.
As for the manufacture of “bassbait”, this tackle is quite simple to manufacture, and everyone can easily find a video of a detailed technological process on the Internet.

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Due to the peculiarities of the bassbait design, catching a predator becomes not only more efficient, but also significantly expands the list of reservoirs where the fishman, in addition to the catch, will also receive a good portion of adrenaline without cutting off all the tackle.

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